7 Street Slangs You Can’t Avoid On Shaku Shaku Songs

Written by on March 4, 2018

7 Street Slangs You Can’t Avoid On Shaku Shaku Songs
Shaku shaku is the main thing now. It’s everywhere, Radio, TV’s, Blogs, on your phone, banging your car speakers, at the barber’s shop, practically everywhere. “Issa Banger” is on the Island, just as your favourite DJ is rocking some Mr Real’s. Everybody’s doing this shit, championed by Olamide.

Slimcase is the next rated, so what ya saying? Shaku shaku is bae, oh Lord. And, out of every ten songs played at parties, clubs etc, seven are made with shaku shaku and the street in mind. So you’re bound to hear a lotta slangs.

Just so you know, “shaku shaku” is now more than a dance, it’s a movement. The first original genre under the classification “street music.” So, when you hear shaku shaku, don’t think it’s anything close to shoki (the resemblance notwithstanding.) It’s a whole big thing, that you can’t overlook, now.
The type of music is characterized by uptempo beat, vain production, (sometimes) meaningless rhythmic lyrics, and chants. It’s street so there’s no way you can avoid one or two slangs (Lamba’s, like Slimcase calls them.)
Here, we try to highlight, some of the most-widely used street slangs, during this shaku shaku era, and also give their meanings.


It’ll not be cool, if I don’t put this first. It’s common on the streets. Literally, it means “leftovers.” We aren’t foolish then if we say “omo shaku shaku” means all these slay queens with boreholes, under. (You know as E dey be nau. As a street boy) It’s not too pleasant, and I know of a girl fighting her friend’s boyfriend for calling her “omo shaku shaku.”
Though shaku shaku is getting broader, by the day, this meaning still holds water, for a while.


Everybody says this now. While you may have heard it first on Tee Blaq’s jam, before then, it’s also possible you’ve heard it from Slimcase.

While the now meaning is something quality, or quality lifestyle, some people said a certain yahoo boy who is called “Oshaprapra” is the one Slimcase be tryna hail, before people picked it up as a slang.


Idowest don blow! He’s even on one CDQ song now?

Even if you haven’t heard Idowest’s song, “Shepeteri,” which featured Slimcase, you must have heard someone say the slang. It’s basically a replacement for the original shaku shaku. Awon omo shepeteri..


Apart from the apparent “Olosho” theme, one main theme on shaku shaku songs is Yahoo. They shout out yahoo boys, and talk about it, always.

While some may think “Chache” is not a thin, and even transcribe it as “Kachi,” as a proud street boy, I’m here to tell you cache means yahoo yahoo activities.

It started from Sashe (CDQ’s Indomie has this.) Then it went to shashe, 9ice sang “Awon te mi n shashe.” It was also called “chache,” Ola dips “Mo n cha che, mo n gbowo.” BUT, it kept evolving till it became “cache.”

So, when next you hear Slimcase say it, don’t think he’s hailing one Onyekachi, from Abia.


“Burst” itself is a yahoo terminology, which is usually used when a job don cast. To be more precise, when a bank account has been “Loaded,” and the bank counters such counterfeit transaction, a yahoo boy tells you “Account yen ti burst.” That’s where it took up from.

Oja ti burst means “things have fallen apart,” “an error has occurred,” and anything along that line.


We have DJ Sidez’s hit “Oshozondi” to credit for this. Just like many other shaku shaku hits, it features Otunba Lamba, Slimcase who made use of the word well.

It means ballers, and especially on the song, many big boys (yahoo) were cited. Investor Arab Money, Oshozondi etc.


When you say something, and someone shouts “Sakamanje,” mehn, it means the person thinks you’re a liar. It’s a term for “big lie,” or “big liar,” depending on how it’s used, and it’s hot on the streets.

Seriki has a song with that title, and it featured Reminisce.

Other slangs include Legbegbe (pick-pocket), Talo megun wa, Omo Olope etc.

Welcome to the streets!


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