Ariana Grande defies gravity in No Tears Left To Cry video… her first song since Manchester attack

Written by on April 20, 2018

On Thursday night, Ariana Grande debuted her gravity-defying music video for No Tears Left To Cry, the lead single off her forthcoming fourth studio album on Republic Records.

In it, the 24-year-old R&B belter sports heavy-handed make-up, a silvery platinum ponytail extension, and designer dresses selected by ‘Image Architect’ Law Roach.

The four-minute CGI-infused clip – which has already amassed 324K views on YouTube – opens with the disorienting footage of the four-time Grammy nominee walking and down the walls.

The special effect was first used in Lionel Richie’s 1986 music video for Dancing on the Ceiling, but it likely originated with Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

But the dystopian, sprawling cityscape setting was probably inspired by more recent cinematic offerings such as Christopher Nolan’s 2010 thriller Inception or the forgettable 2012 Kirsten Dunst flick Upside Down.

‘Right now I’m in a state of mind/ I wanna be in like all the time,’ Ariana sings.

‘Ain’t got no tears left to cry/ So I’m pickin’ it up, I’m pickin’ up (oh yeah)/ I’m lovin’, I’m livin’, I’m pickin’ it up/ Oh I just want you to come with me/ We’re on another mentality.’

No Tears Left To Cry was directed by Dave Meyers, who helmed Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar’s Humble music video last year.

At one point in the surreal short, Meyers shot Grande (born Butera) Birdman-style as she was seated cross-legged on the ceiling.

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