Movie director says domestic violence traumatic on children

Written by on August 15, 2018

Movie Director, Clay Ejeh said domestic violence in the home could be traumatic and also lead to devastating consequences on the lives of such children.

Ejeh said this in an interview on Tuesday in Abuja.

He said that children who witnessed and experienced domestic violence in their homes often suffered from other psychological conditions such as depression and chronic anxiety.

“A lot of kids grow up to be depressed by the violence they see their parents perpetrating and we don’t talk about it.

“Some are adults now and are facing the same thing. Some don’t even know they are behaving violently just like their parents did in the past.

“This is because they feel its a normal thing, we need to sensitise the public and societies about this and things they need to look out for, and to also speak out.

“So many people are depressed as a result of domestic violence which is becoming rampant in Africa and children are the worst hit.

“Similarly, a lot of people including children have died as a result of effects of domestic violence,” he said.

Ejeh advised that people should not judge others when they see them doing certain things because one may not know what they were passing through at that moment.

He noted that in “every I am fine’’, there was a pain in that person’s eyes. “If we can look into the eyes and ask questions, we will notice the pains.”

The movie director reiterated the need for people affected by domestic violence to speak out, adding that depression was a spirit that may take an individual to where he or she doesn’t want to go.

According to him, men also suffer domestic violence and depression as it is a two-way thing.

“Aside the effects on children, some men are facing domestic violence but can’t come out to say or complain because they are ashamed.

“Victims of domestic violence whether man, women or child really need to speak out to someone who can tell their stories or help them deal with what they are passing through,’’ Ejeh said.

He revealed that his movie `ZOE’ which is part of his ‘Loud Silence’ Series would be premiered in Asaba and Toronto Film Festival in September.

According to him, the movie concentrated on exposing the psychologically effect of children who grow up in abusive homes.

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