FRSC arrests 37 motorists for overloading, other offences in Kwara

Written by on October 23, 2018

The Kwara Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), said on Monday that it had arrested 37 motorists for violating various traffic rules and regulations.

Mr Wihioka Uchechukwu, the Sector Commander, RS8.1, told newsmen in Ilorin that the offenders were arrested during the command’s enforcement exercise on overloading.

Uchechukwu said that 37 offenders were arrested for 39 offences including overloading and load projection, non-usage of seat belts, expired driver’s license among others.

“The affected persons will pay fines between N2, 000 and N10, 000 according to the number of offences committed.

“They have to drive to stay alive; we pray that in Kwara, we will have zero accidents and deaths on our highways. And that is why we have decided to sensitise the public before the busy months.

“This period is full of activities, especially with celebrations; and some will get drunk, speed and overload their vehicles.

“We want to ensure that motorists do not violate traffic rules.”

According to him, overloading has been identified as one of the causes of accidents on the highway.

“We are trying to prepare ourselves before the season when the end-of-the-year festivities begin, and the busy preparations that come with it.

“Today, we are ensuring and enforcing motorists to comply with the rules on overloading.

“Vehicles are being overloaded with human beings and animals.

“This has impact on the vehicle and even the human figures in the vehicle, because some people find themselves sitting in the car trunk.

“We are trying to sensitise the public so that they can do away with overloading their vehicles before we enter the Ember Months properly,” the sector commander said.

He said that taxi drivers in the state had been overloading their cars by carrying two passengers in the front seat.

“It has become an offence to do so; we are making sure that taxi drivers do not carry two passengers in the front seat.

“Passengers should also insist on not being lumped together when they board a public transport; they should not keep quiet,” he said.

Uchechukwu advised motorists to be cautious about how they use the roads, saying, “our actions today will determine our future’’.

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