[Intro] It’s krizbeat the drummer boy [Pre-Chorus – Tekno] Everytime I see you you, (you you) E be like you turn me to mumu, aih Oh my darling, wetin you carry dey fishy oh E dey fishy oh, e dey fishy oh [Chorus – Kcee] Aga show me abeg beremole, shopami oh Aga show me […]

[Intro] Mr Skales on a mission Dem dey see on television, aye! Eh, Eh Issokay [Hook] Me I geti dollar for my pocket o Awon temi strong, Awon temi rugged o Me I no dey ball on a budget I dey always come correct o [Chorus] Pressure! Pressure! Pressure! We dey give them pressure Olololololo […]

[Intro] Lord Sky on the mix huuuh Yeah, Yeahh.. Ayeah [Rephrase] I’m Sorry, I’m I’am , I’m Sorry I’m Sorry, I’m I’am , I’m Sorry I’m Sorry, I’m I’am , I’m Sorry I’m Sorry, I’m I’am , I’m Sorry [Verse 1] Some Say That I’m Blind No Be My Way, (There’s Nobody Like You) I […]

[Intro] Young D Leggo Whine am go down low Whine for daddy Take it slow Whine for pappy (Eyea o) Whine am go down low Whine for pappy (whine for pappy) Take it slow Whine for daddy [Verse 1] Step inna the place, everybody wey no dey taya ya Me and my guys everytime we […]

[Intro] Damn fresh on the beat Oh yeaa baddest (baddest) [Chorus] Ofili Gaga uuh, you be my lady Gaga eh Ofili Gaga uuh, your behind dey garapa hey Ofili Gaga, my lady gaga malo gara si emi o My lady o, my baby o, ma lo frapapapa si emi o Mo ti mu paraga, (sho […]

[Intro] Japa, Japa Omo better is present Eh eh Shocker lo shey beat Omo iya teacher (Japa) You can call me Small doctor o Eh eh Akeweji oga nla Ain [Verse] To ba rin won to ba n bo Alaye japa Awa omo beni bemi, *Ain Japa* To ba tin pariwo zadi zadi A ni […]

[Verse 1] They’re extremely poor And the medical facilities are poor We operate a predictory neo-colonial capitalist system Which is founded on fraud and exploitation And therefore, you are bound to have corrupt institutionalists Many criminal cases are settled in police stations, i bet illegal [Hook] Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo […]

Tiwa Savage – Labalaba Lyrics [Intro] Sexual healing, sexual heal Classic Uhn uhn uhn uhnn Yea, one time Uhn uhn uhn uhnn One time, one time (Burst Brain) Uhn uhn uhn uhnn, uhn uhn uhn Yea yea yea yea yea [Verse 1] Listen, omo e don tail wey I don buzz you You know am […]