Whether you are travelling by car or aeroplane, it’s quite a challenge to arrive at your destination looking as good as you set out. Apart from the fact that you will probably feel tired, you won’t have been able to take all your favourite beauty products with you, and you won’t have had the […]

Getting sick is a part of everyday life, and travelling doesn’t exempt you from that fact before you are more exposed to bugs, parasites, and environments. The fact of the matter is the longer you are travelling, the more likely you may get sick. The secret to reducing the chances of this, however, is to […]

Getting a visa is not difficult. You simply need two things- complete documents and confidence. You will definitely get your visa. However, this is not always the case. There are avoidable mistakes that may happen during the visa interview that will obviously ruin your chances of being issued a visa. To forestall these possible problems […]

Traveling with special persons has become easier these days thanks to modernisation and technology. However, people who are travelling with the disabled must still be equipped with the do’s and don’ts for persons with special needs. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares some of the tips that you must consider when you are travelling with a disabled person. Carefully […]

  One of the most challenging aspects of getting a grip on your finances is finding your money leaks and plugging them up. If you do not find these leaks, you will continue to spend money indiscriminately. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares ways for you to find money leaks and permanently plug […]

Whether you are a constant woman on-the-go or an occasional traveller, you may run into certain challenges or hiccups when it comes to getting yourselves to a destination and back. These challenges may be difficult to deal with when you do not pack the right items. As such, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency […]

  You’re on an overseas trip when your most essential piece of travel goes missing: your passport. Your passport is like a physical extension of your identity, and to be stranded without it abroad can make you feel helpless and confused about what to do next. Do not worry, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel […]

  The garden city as it is fondly called is an exciting place that offers visitors an unforgettable nightlife and delectable cuisine. So, whenever you find yourself in the oil city, Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no 1 food ordering platform shares impressive restaurants you can wine and dine. Le Meridien Ogeyi Place Hotel Le Meridien Ogeyi […]

African cuisine is as diverse and fascinating as the continent’s history, cultures, and traditions. With a combination of tastes and flavours, the continent is an absolute foodie haven. If you set foot in any of the following foodie destinations, don’t leave without treating yourself to these delicious foods. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No 1 food ordering […]

  With more hotels catering for the corporate travellers, the things you look out for in hotels for your business trip widen. But when you’re searching for your next trip, do you know what you’re looking for in these hotels? Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, offers some suggestions on what you should look […]