Falz has stayed in the news since the release of his This is Nigeria video. The rapper was called out by an Islamic group named The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), who threatened to take him to court, claiming he disrespected their religion. While addressing the issue, Falz referred to their claim as baseless. In an […]

Falz‘s management have reacted to the 7-day ultimatum given to the rapper by an Islamic group, MURIC to take down his ‘This is Nigeria’ video or face legal action from them. The Islamic group, Muslims Rights Concern, MURIC, had earlier released a statement condemning the idea behind Hijab-wearing girls dancing shaku shaku in Falz’s video. […]

[Verse 1] They’re extremely poor And the medical facilities are poor We operate a predictory neo-colonial capitalist system Which is founded on fraud and exploitation And therefore, you are bound to have corrupt institutionalists Many criminal cases are settled in police stations, i bet illegal [Hook] Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo […]